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Dread Writing? How One Pro Handles Fear

I couldn’t be happier for my coaching client, June Lien, who wrote this blog for me at the beginning of her novel-writing journey. June is a professional communicator in the PR, marketing, video and production space. She knows how to write. You’ve probably read things she’s written — for major clients. Switch to drafting a […]

More Steps to Conquer Your Fear of Writing

One of the most surprising things thought leaders discover about writing is how much time it takes to conceptualize and craft a solid piece. Developing robust topics and prolific content only sounds simple. In reality, good writing takes planning and practice. Time to set goals and deadlines. InputBrainstorming is a fun and easy way to […]

Conquer Your Fear of Writing

If you consider yourself a thought leader but aren’t creating content in your field of expertise, what’s stalling you? Time? Energy? The mere thought of writing? BrainstormingCapturing words and sketches on paper will help your creative confidence and help you clarify topics and direction. Whether you gather a trusted group around an easel to hammer […]

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