Author Michael Russo on Being Edited

Michael Russo, author of Martin Barooshian: A Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints, 1948-1970, and I worked together to clarify and polish distinct aspects his brilliant retrospective on the artist who has been called “Pablo Picasso meets Stan Lee.” Aroian Editorial is pleased to publish Mike’s guest blog post.  What Was I Thinking? It took me […]

Allow Your Sentences to Breathe — Period.

Part of my regular editorial feedback to authors invariably includes a word about letting sentences breathe. As our eyes sail across a page, gathering and comprehending the whole, our brains need that nanosecond to absorb order and meaning. Independent clauses provide good information, but too many in one sentence can overwhelm a reader. What English […]

Consistency Pays Off When Mapping Your How-To

Cookbook authors can teach a new how-to writer a lot about establishing a solid foundational structure. Like you, they first need to consider how they want their readers to navigate their book. How-tos need the same organizational flow. Dissect the structure of a few of your own favorite how-tos to see what I mean. Regardless […]

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