Writing a How-To Book: Revisiting What Went Wrong without Judgment  

by Greg Dorchak Greg Dorchak is a writer, cartoonist, actor, and filmmaker living in Austin, Texas. He and I along with our families have been friends for more than 25 years. Greg’s acting credits can be found on IMDB, his books are on Amazon, and his paintings pop up now and again here and there, […]

Better Inside When Outside: The Influence of Trees

The knowledge of trees is pure, and they ask nothing of us in return. They build empathy, teach leadership, celebrate joy, process grief and even reckon the most unsavory parts of our history.

Author Michael Russo on Being Edited

Michael Russo, author of Martin Barooshian: A Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints, 1948-1970, and I worked together to clarify and polish distinct aspects his brilliant retrospective on the artist who has been called “Pablo Picasso meets Stan Lee.” Aroian Editorial is pleased to publish Mike’s guest blog post.  What Was I Thinking? It took me […]

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