Early feedback saves you time and effort.

Why are editorial audits so important?

You want your book (and business content, for that matter) to be the best it can be before you invest in getting it edited. Stand out by planning a spectacular book from the start. If you want your writing to create a genuine impact, schedule an editorial audit. In this deep-dive review of your existing content, we analyze and explain whether or not your draft is ready for the final stage in the writing process — a good solid edit.

The early development of your book is critical to its success. To ensure your writing has a solid strategy and structure, our audit consistently sheds fresh light on how to get more out of a final draft. Our expertise is in showing you in detail how to get to the next level. Clients say our professional feedback is “meticulous,” “incredibly valuable,” “honest and fair.” What does your existing manuscript do well? Which elements are missing? Our audit identifies both the goodness and the gaps. Our in-depth analysis provides you with a cohesive and compelling framework from the start.

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The Value to You

When our authors succeed, we succeed. As editors we are the trusted partners who assess structure and content, so you know that your book can hold the attention of your readers. Stating your main idea sets the course for creating a genuine impact. Once your audience understands your motivation and passion, your writing will resonate. This is what builds a page-turner.

If you are serious about writing, then we encourage you to get a critique of your existing manuscript. Maybe several over time. Find out what may be blindsiding or holding you back as a writer. As professional editors, we support you with solid insights to make your book stronger.

Aroian Editorial has the expertise to help you craft your manuscript into a compelling book. That’s why we provide this thorough critique before our edits touch the page.

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Your Audit

Extensive feedback on structure and content helps you shape key elements.


Explain why you are the author and how your book is different.


Identify specific leads that generate sales.


Drive home a strong main message.


Devote time to preparing a solid foundation.


Support the premise with cited facts, details.


Gauge how fast the action moves toward the goal.


Never underestimate the power of transitions.


Choose the perspective(s) and narrator(s).


Decide how to organize and tell the story.


Create chapter summaries, knowing they evolve.


Add layers of complexity.


Guide your readers through time and space.


Activate all the senses.

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