Conquer Your Fear of Writing

If you consider yourself a thought leader but aren’t creating content in your field of expertise, what’s stalling you? Time? Energy? The mere thought of writing?

Capturing words and sketches on paper will help your creative confidence and help you clarify topics and direction. Whether you gather a trusted group around an easel to hammer out ideas or seclude yourself in a quiet spot to create color-coded lists and notes, brainstorming ultimately produces more excitement and productivity, less anxiety and reluctance. Brainstorming is an easy and fun practice that allows you to take one giant step forward in the writing process.

Do you daydream about your potential as a thought leader? Think about the aspects of your expertise you love to teach and talk about. Take 10 minutes each day this week to daydream about how you would take this content to the next level. Keep a small recording device or notebook handy. Identify ways in which you would communicate this information so it could make a difference to others. At the end of each week, review and organize your records. You’ll be surprised by the volume and variety of ideas you collect.

When you’ve identified a topic that motivates you, ask yourself why you chose it. The answer is important. “Why you?” clarifies your purpose and will help you reveal how you differentiate yourself in a crowded, competitive field. Pinpoint an angle that no one else taps as well as you do.

•     What specific angle do you want to cover?
•     What three key points support this angle?
•     Why is it important to share this message now?

Give yourself permission to get started and stay accountable. Let me know how it goes.

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