Karen Aroian

Allow Your Sentences to Breathe — Period.

Part of my regular editorial feedback to authors invariably includes a word about letting sentences breathe. As our eyes sail across a page, gathering and comprehending the whole, our brains need that nanosecond to absorb order and meaning. Independent clauses provide good information, but too many in one sentence can overwhelm a reader. What English […]

Consistency Pays Off When Mapping Your How-To

Cookbook authors can teach a new how-to writer a lot about establishing a solid foundational structure. Like you, they first need to consider how they want their readers to navigate their book. How-tos need the same organizational flow. Dissect the structure of a few of your own favorite how-tos to see what I mean. Regardless […]

Will You Write a New Book or a Second Edition?

I am pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Stephanie Barko, a literary publicist specializing in pre-pub adult nonfiction & historical novels. Stephanie’s award-winning clients include traditional publishers and their authors, small presses, and independently published authors. Follow Stephanie on Facebook for more book marketing tips or schedule a phone consult. Enjoy her guest post – […]

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